Floral Design


Our visual floral design projects arise from customers’ dreams, desires and spaces, to transform and translate them into contemporary and exclusive atmospheres, synonymous with their style, vision and sense of sharing.

We therefore design unconventional installations, permanent exhibition projects and visual and sensorial curation of spaces and events, with the aim of imparting suggestions and exclusive experiences, according to an authentic and essential aesthetic orientation.

Floral design is therefore the tool we use to express another dimension of beauty: it is a form of artistic expression, based on research, planning, mixing, imagination, identification, vision, reading of the context, harmony with nature, a sense of well-being and culture.

In connection with the client and our partners, we dedicate ourselves to using floral, botanical and interior material to create projects aimed at surprising the viewer and making him participate in what he observes. With particular attention to creating lines of connection between individual and collective reactions. So as to define an exclusive system, which in the here and now is capable of giving life to unique dance.

For info Gabriela, our art director, is at your disposal: