Floral School

Copihue floral school was born after listening and metabolizing, with a critical vision, the complex processes that frame the discipline of floral design. Unknown to most, it starts from the principles of design and reinterprets desires and spaces, to tell an exclusive and authentic story. Our training objective is to reveal and freely develop the creative potential and personal style of participants. According to a contemporary approach to beauty. The educational offer is thus structured into professional courses, masterclasses, workshops and specifically designed courses. For those who wish to explore the world of flowers, those who feel that it will become their future work, those who want to share experiential moments with people they love, those who want to contaminate their professionalism with ours. With eclectic methodologies based on sharing and playing. In connection with sustainability and harmony with nature. In small groups, to encourage discussion and circularity, or in one to one mode. If you want to let yourself be guided by new challenges, Carolina, our School Manager, is at your disposal:

FLORAL DESIGN COURSE We would like to reveal your creative potential and develop the unconventional floral design that is within you.

MASTERCLASS We would like to share some of our secrets with you! Our professional masterclasses are aimed at those who want to delve deeper into our beautiful work and learn tips and tricks that floral designers use on a daily basis. If you want to create your own revolutionary floral brand or simply have fun doing something really beautiful, becoming part of an extraordinary network of professionals, sign up for our masterclasses.

WORKSHOP These classes are dedicated to those who want to have a first experience of floral design, approaching an innovative discipline and learning something unexpected… at the same time having fun!

Orientamento contemporaneo

The floral business

Archetipo di un bouquet

Scultura in testa

Art of Patience


Wreath sweet wreath

Constance Spry Style

Sharing beauty

The wild bunch

Collective Flowering