A floral design studio dedicated to express an unconventional aesthetic: the flower is not the end of what you know, but the beginning of what you don’t expect.

Fragile and firmly tenacious, for a natural and uncontrollable period it imposes its status, to become a cathartic place and involve the viewer in a exclusive expe- rience.

The flower is therefore our source for designing visual projects of floral design, which mark an authenitc sensorial experience, to be lived, breaking conven- tional patterns, to tell a story never read.

Thanks to this baggage, we’ve founded our Floral School and we dedicated our passion also to reasearch and to visual and sensorial curatorship of private, corporate and cultural events and spaces, due to reach and share luxury balances.

The studio is made by women, moved by the same vision of contemporary floral design, mixing and exploding together unexpected backgrounds: psychology, fashion design and film critic.