The Floral Design allows, like all artistic forms, to express oneself through creativity and uses the flower as a tool to tell one’s vision of the world and of people.

The workshops organized by Copihue Floral Studio are born to spread the principles of Floral Design, to transmit the techniques and to analyze the styles of an ancient Art, which has become the protagonist of our time. Above all they are a path to learn to use flowers to tell about oneself, just like a painter does with colors.

Every gesture, every decision, every suggestion that leads to the construction of a flower arrangement is a step in the emotional journey that allows the “student” to bring out his potential and discover what is still unexplored in him.

Many people who decide to take our courses have a great desire to express themselves artistically, but they don’t yet know how to do it.
The flower thus becomes a response, a solution; at the same time, it opens the field to many new questions and stimulates research.

There is no workshop like the other, because every individual lives this path in a different way, with unique sensibilities and aspirations.
This is the magic that is created every time, the meeting of souls, curiosities and talents in search of unknown places.

Places that are, for us at Copihue, spaces inhabited by flowers and their evolution, from everything that tells the meaning of Beauty and can improve our daily experience.

During the year we organize “thematic” courses for those who want to cultivate a passion for flowers and for Floral Design, declined in atmospheres and design suggestions.

Those who want to become a Floral Designer have the opportunity to learn this wonderful job by accessing the advanced course.
A professional path, individual or group, composed of 3 modules, for a total of 45 hours, in which we face the crucial phases of the work process.
The meetings are based on the analysis of individual expressive potential, analysis of visual projects, technical exercises and set-up dynamics, according to methods of comparison and participation, to arrive at exploding one’s personal style. Until you understand how to design, manage and create an event from a floral point of view.

The Floral Designer is an artist guided by passion, who works with professionalism and competence, that’s why we believe in the value of a serious training, without ever forgetting the pleasure of doing a job that offers great opportunities, expressive and human.

Meeting, sharing, learning … this is the path we have chosen to take.

For all information on the courses you can contact Carolina at Copihue Floral Studio is located in Rome, in via Portuense 201.

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