How to celebrate the design and architecture of Rome?
The way was found by Open House, an event conceived by a group of architects and communicators that every year, for a weekend, enters the places of socio-cultural innovation of the largest and most dynamic cities in the world.

Open House Rome 2019 will be held on May 11th and Portuense 201 will join it with the “Circuito Marconi” tour, a new project created by Label201 born from the desire to bring out the new identity of the Marconi area.

An area currently perceived as extremely commercial, with a high rate of traffic and urbanization following building speculation in the 50s and 60s. Yet they emerge, as opposed to this vision, some realities located in abandoned and surrounding areas to the former factories and rural areas, dedicated to the cultural and creative experimentation that led to the creation of a new cultural and creative pole unique in the Roman scenario.

The tour, which will start at 15.00 from Piazza della Radio, will lead visitors to discover the Marconi area, passing through the India Theater, the Biondi Ex-Mills complex and the numerous studies unraveled on the historic stretch of Via Portuense.

The walk will end in the courtyard of Portuense201, the cultural and artistic district that also hosts Copihue Floral Studio, a place where we found a community that carries out a new idea of aesthetics, perfectly integrated with our vision of community and city.

Starting at 7pm, the Portuense2012 studios will remain open for the OPEN STUDIOS evening event.

We will be happy to welcome you in our spaces, to tell about Floral Design and share with you the expressive and artistic potential of flowers.

The studios:
Archema Studio – Art Studio MLBS – Copihue Floral Studio – Daniela Pinotti x Studio Lagom – Designfood.houseDugong Films – Eurofilm – Label201 – Laboratorio di restauro tessile – Millim StudioMarco De Masi Design – Paolo DʼArrigo Design Studio – Secondome – Spazio FOuR Architettura e Design

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