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It is a micro garden, modular, elegant and essential. Where whoever receives it recreates, on his taste, the harmony that most reassures him.

To enjoy a small artfact that tells about itself.

Product Description

The Tiny Garden Box is made up of an 18cm long solid pine wood base, with 10 holes to use as a grid.

Inside the box you will find 12 (10+2 extra) dried flowers, cared for, selected and chosen by us.

Since dried flowers are delicate material, we are keen to provide you with a small supply of 2 more than necessary precisely to guarantee their replaceability.

You will also find a small guide to how to create your micro garden.

Everything is packed in a elegant box.

Each Tiny is unique product, with diffent flowers for each box.


24,0099,00 VAT included


Product Description


Landing on the moon!

Moon. The other way of making a vase.

Do you know when you have flowers and you don’t know how to place them inside your vase? It always appears packed and with no harmony.

this is because vases on the market always have a single big hole to insert your beauties, and where it’s tough to respect the natural movement of the flowers!

This is why moon was born! a furnishing accessory that guides you in a compositional game.

It’s a jesmonite disc that you place on any container (a glass, a bowl..).

It existed in three sizes: 25, 15, and 10cv of diameter.

It has a grid of holes designed to respect distances, volumes, space and lines. In shorst, some of the most important principles of floral design!

This is why it will be useful when you creat your composition: it’s will allow you to put the flowers in a personal way, with a sophisticated, contemporary and natural design!

Moon is easily transportable, doesn’t take up space, it is fun and above all makes you happy with simplicity!

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