In 2018 Copihue Floral Studio was selected by Ventura Future
to be part of the group of 82 designers who would show their vision of the future during the Fuori Salone in Milan.
Copihue would have told about Floral Design and Floralism.

The Fuori Salone is a renowned international stage for designers, companies and artists who, in conjunction with the most institutional Salone del Mobile, enliven the streets of Milan every year with their ideas and stylistic interpretations.

Gabriela Grandi (founder and director of Copihue) says that the desire to participate in the Fuori Salone was born from the desire to find a design space, recognized for its excellence, where there were no other floral designers and it was therefore possible to break a pattern in a context in which design is already at the center of attention.

Being a novelty in an environment used to innovate, has provoked interest and even initial diffidence in the world of insiders.
Creating a bridge also with the most reluctant is a daily process through which we can grasp the potential of the flower to become a design tool, to tell a story and involve the spectators..

Visitors to our installation were mostly curious people. We have counted about 45,000 steps and almost everyone has shown great enthusiasm and participation. They took pictures, asked questions, there were those who started crying, who stayed several minutes, who went away and then came back.
With some Indian women, we talked about transformation and change and together we were moved
. “Gabriela says.

Our participation was first of all a provocation, I myself did not really feel entitled to be there, but I realized that being there was a big injection of self-esteem. After that experience, we understood that we could say ours in the world of design, and today we have the confirmation of it by valuable designers who tell us that we are rightfully in this world and encourage us to talk, telling the flower from this point of view.

On the occasion of the Fuori Salone, Copihue created and exhibited the MANIFESTO OF FLORALISM, a synthesis of what Floral Design can represent and mean.
10 values that guide an artistic project that with strength and ambition is moving its first long steps.

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