A project of Floral Design comes from listening, from contamination, from research and the emotions that burst in the conception and realization path.

The first goal we intend to pursue when we are dealing with a project is the communication of a message.
For us, a project stems from the need to tell a story related to the client.
The first step is therefore to understand and enhance the emotional aspect, because at the base of an installation or a setting there is the urgency to communicate an emotion.

In the same way, the relationship with the customer is fundamental, in fact it is not possible to think of a floral design project that does not include the relationship.
The vision comes to life together to be unique and personal.

From the relationship and from the communication, we pass to the interpretation of the customer’s needs.
The context in which we operate comes into play and therefore the relation with it.
In a floral design project, being in tune with the environment is fundamental, especially for the purpose of the final rendering.

There is always an unpredictable emotional variable that affects the design.
This is the unique contribution of the flower.
The flower, in the birth of a design project, is something that at a certain point changes the direction taken.

The flower manages to change our own point of view, and following his inspiration we are guided until the project is successful.

We do not force the flowers to satisfy our idea, but we follow their essence to find the winning expressive path.
The flower asks to assert itself, we create for him the space necessary for its manifestation.

Often, we draw inspiration from elements distant from flowers, this is the great power of contamination. The more the disciplines, the images and the suggestions to which we look at with interest are far from the floral world, the better it is because this is how we manage to break a pattern and surprise people. Using languages that complement and harmonize themselves is the key to our work.

Copihue means Floral Design as the possibility of narrating a story, understanding a place, interpreting an emotion and giving life to a dream, the dream of the flower to express itself.

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