We were invited by Ventura Future to participate at the Fuori Salone for the design event that is hosted each year by the city of Milan.
It was 2018 and it was an important event and a great opportunity for us, recently on the Floral Design scene.

Faced with the opportunity to present our work to tens of thousands of people from all over the world, we asked ourselves a fundamental question: WHAT DOES COPIHUE WANT TO TELL?

The answer was not only tied to the event itself,
it was a real reflection on our work, on our values and on our goals.

The first response that we felt the urgency to give concerned the Floral Design.
We were the first floral designers to bring flowers to the Fuori Salone, the first,
in that context, to understand the flower as a design tool and not as an element of decoration

We had the opportunity to affirm what we most believe:
flowers are a narrative tool, they are our way of interpreting places, stories and people.
Floral Design is an art in search of its space.

But it was not enough to say it, we had to prove it.
To do this we have set up another dream. The one of creating a community of Floral Designers and Beauty enthusiasts who shared our same spirit and our same passion each with their own style.

A community gathers around common principles, around a shared identity around a world view.

So, what world do we dream of?
The FLORAL DESIGN MANIFESTO was born to be the synthesis of this dream, spokesman of our founding values.

1. F.D. is a form of artistic expression, where imagination, empathy, vision, context reading, know-how, culture, contamination with complementary disciplines, ability to design and constant research draw a dimension of new beauty.

2. F.D is another perspective of an emotional story, which explores a new time and new spaces and takes shape from the principles of design, the review of relationships and the application of philosophical visions.

3. F.D describes a time that we do not know: when the flower stops to be fresh, for the common sense, it’s no longer beautiful; but after its conventional beauty, it turns and assumes unexpected shapes and colors.

4. F.D. expresses a non-conventional aesthetic: the flower is not the end of what you know, but the beginning of what you do not expect. Fragile and firmly tenacious, it imposes its status, for a natural and uncontrollable time, to become a cathartic place and involve the spectator in an exclusive experience.

5. F.D. is about a relationship and its evolution, in a story of lightness and beauty. It plays unconventional balances and unknown state of self, in order to let emerge and flow contrasts.

6. F.D. uses time, space, context and the personal vision of the spectator to exhibit the natural change of a relationship, as well as the natural change of flowers.

7. F.D. respects and follows the natural movement of the flower and make it protagonist, exalting texture, color, shape, and its natural balances.

8. F.D is a new way to get in touch with an introspective dimension of beauty.

9. F.D. promotes the culture of beauty and wants to spread it where it is perceived for a few elect

10. F.D. promotes the defense of the figure of floral designer: a profession with a large cultural baggage, with multiple skills, that uses tools of a high economic value and that has got behind a complex supply chain, with a social, cultural and environmental impact on the economic system of a territory.

This is exactly what we at Copihue Floral Studio mean by Floralism.

A cultural movement that promotes a new idea of beauty and participation.
A journey that has just begun, yet already so adventurous and full of companions.

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