A sensory journey in the Summer

The sensory, emotional and floral journey of Copihue and Little Salvatori Perfumery returns.
Back to ” Journey into the essences”, the cycle of workshops, wanted to tell, with the stimuli of flowers and perfumes of art, the incredible world of women.

After the first exciting stage, “Scent of romance“, inspired by the female figure of the romantic woman,
we continue to explore the personality of women through the suggestions of fresh summer scents,
to tell the light and adventurous soul of the traveling woman.

This second appointment is called SUMMER BREAK,
also by virtue of the fact that we will return to travel right after the summer (third stage scheduled for September!).

Every traveling woman is unique, as are the journeys she takes, what unites them all it is the desire to live life freely, facing with energy and passion all that the road puts in front of them.

The scents that Salvatori’s Small Perfumery will choose will therefore be suitable for expressing the dynamic nature of this feminine cheerful and bubbly figure.

Here then is that lemon, cedar and grapefruit, but also bergamot, mandarin and orange will be
the effervescent notes typical of the Mediterranean, which will transport us through a sensory journey that smells of sun and summer.

To enrich this event with colors, art and beauty there will be the scenography curated by Copihue
with the talented designer Marialaura Fedi.

Because beauty is a feeling that expands and involves all the senses and becomes more precious in the collaboration between artistic visions and different personalities.

At Copihue Floral Studio we strongly believe that contamination is the pulsating energy, that keeps beauty alive.

The second part of the workshop will be all about flowers!
Together, inspired by the sensory journey in the Mediterranean summer, we will work on the realization of a Floral Atlas, an installation that will tell the Journey, to which each participant will contribute with his own vision and creativity.

Led by Copihue floral designers, everyone will learn to use flowers as an element of design, capable of expressing emotions and ideas.

What taste, what smell, shape, color, consistency does the Journey have?
What do women travelers want to tell?

We will find out during the second stage of “Journey into the essences – SUMMER BREAK”
SUNDAY 26 MAY h 10.00 / 13.00
at COPIHUE FLORAL STUDIO Via Portuense, 201 – Rome
For information on costs and reservations 324 7788 788

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