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Copihue Floral Studio is a beauty laboratory,
a floral design studio and a place of cultural participation and sharing.

But let’s take a step back, let’s tell the story from the beginning.
Gabriela Grandi discovers the expressive and cultural potential of flowers
and founds Copihue Floral Studio in 2016.
At that time Gabriela’s children were 10 and 7 years old and she worked at the head of an association,
of which she was founder as a labor psychologist, created to build urban and cultural redevelopment projects.

The association was inspired by a vision so evident, as difficult to spread:
making culture means to create beauty, and if we do not find a way to regenerate sottish urban and intellectual’ spaces,
there is no way to make culture accessible from a social point of view.

Making this perspective easy to use was Gabriela’s professional goal,
the way to do it seemed within reach, but still elusive.
Until one morning.
The morning when she woke up and asked herself a simple question: what do I need?
The answer was immediate: lightness and beauty.

Lightness and beauty were not just the synthesis of a personal need,
but they would have become the tools to build something more meaningful for the community,
a way to reinterpret socio-cultural needs in a key of innovation.

The step towards to the flowers was spontaneous, as the flowers for Gabriela represent just that.

She starts from the basics, she enrolls in a floral composition course,
she studies and deepens the floral design. She trained in Rome, Milan and London,
and was influenced by the Anglo-Saxon school, by the trends of San Francisco and Brooklyn,
and by the contemporary reinterpretation of Flemish painting of the 17th century and of ikebana.

One composition after another she finds her expressive path, understanding what satisfies her
and what she does not like at all. Simply put, she find her style.

The solid relationships built as a floral designer have led her to become a full member of the world of wedding,
art and design.

Being greeted in the Portuense 201 district, in Rome, was a recognition of the work carried out
and of the philosophy that guides the artistic choices of Copihue Floral Studio,
for the ability to fit in a cultural context of value.

Field actions, such as Guerilla Flowering, allow Copihue to involve citizens,
constructing a direct dialogue and transforming urban decorations into opportunities to talk about beauty.

Happy collaborations with the world of design, art, events and fashion constantly contribute
to the professional and human growth of Copihue’s team and values.

In the meantime, Copihue has become a dynamic reality that relies on a team of intelligent,
creative and determined women, who put their artistic vision at the service of visual and installation projects, photo shoots, events, cultural events, fashion shows, unconventional weddings, training and everything that represents a new challenge to give space to beauty.

In fact, Gabriela is joined by Maria, a right-hand man, a film critic, an expert in botany,
a trusted travel companion.
With them there is Carolina, fashion designer with international experience, in love with art,
books and flowers, able to involve and drag with her smile and enthusiasm;
and Gaia, a young, talented and determined interior designer, illustrator and passionate supporter of the installation value of flowers.

Today, two years after its birth, Copihue Floral Studio lands on this blog, to tell the world in which it moves.
Here we will talk about new projects, collaborations, trends, characters, ideas … everything that becomes new lifeblood to build and maintain the relationships that arise from the sharing of a common perspective.

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