Floral Design

Plantscape Design

In connection with the desires of well-being, harmony, intimacy and hospitalityof our corporate and private customers, we dedicate ourselves to the design of sensory atmospheres for indoor and outdoor spaces, with the study of a unique and personal green system, capable of giving continuity and value to interior architecture.

Plantscape design is a contemporary variation of Green and acts as a bridge between it and design.

It bases its foundations on the consideration of the plant not as furnishings, but rather enhances its installation, narrative, contemplative and emotional aspect, according to the principles of design and in line with the most recognized environmental certifications.

For this reason, in addition to architectural studies, we start from the analysis of the design of the spaces and the related stylistic code.

Then we proceed with a research and project on the most suitable botanical material from a stylistic, distribution and functional point of view. Respecting the climatic conditions and the uses made of spaces.

To get to design the containing elements (shapes, materials, textures, palettes, design), in line with the needs of architecture studios.

Up to choosing the botanical material, coordinating and managing the implementation. By monitoring the yield of the project in the immediately following phase.

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