Design needs meeting places, exchange and growth.
Not only places of exposure for the big brands, but also spaces where ideas and production, craftsmanship and design, research and market can be put together.
Places where even designers who do not belong to the mainstream circuit can have visibility and opportunities, to exhibit and do business.

This is why EDIT Napoli is born, a unique author fair of its kind, held in the capital of Campania from 7 to 9 June and in which Copihue Floral Studio participates bringing an innovative vision of floral design.

EDIT, now in its first edition, fills a void in the design scene in Italy, as it brings together producers with potential partners (buyers, retailers, interior deisgners and architects).

The intuition to create this event comes from Domitilla Dardi, curator for Design MAXXI – Architettura, and Emilia Petruccelli, entrepreneur and passionate about design.
Their vision and collaboration allows many emerging talents to establish themselves in an international showcase, committed to scouting, but also to doing business.

Copihue Floral Studio arrives at the Neapolitan event to tell the floral design, with the intention of making it clear that this discipline is fully part of the design world, and has not only the right to be there, but also the duty to express its identity and promote the culture from which it is born and which it represents.

For Edit Napoli, Copihue has chosen to create a work that communicates emotions and stimulates the debate on the potential of floral design.

This is why “Place / Es” was created, an installation that aims to tell the connection between man and nature, but above all to highlight the unique and fascinating way of interpreting art and beauty.

“Place / Es” is a Mediterranean forest, a place that takes soul as a function of the perception of those who pass through it, a place of Self, instinctive, perceptive and therefore unique and personal.

Place / es is a system of connected places, where the flower is not a mere decorative element, but an immediate, material and expressive instrument. Places that take shape, change, giving substance to collective and individual identities never expressed.

An emotional journey therefore, made even stronger by the partnership that accompanies it, the one born together with the creators of “401 è Amatrice“, a perfume that has become a tale of trauma and a profound sense of rebirth; commissioned by two perfumers from Amatrice who, in collaboration with the Angeletti-Ruzza Design studio, set up this project that talks about beauty and resistance.

Copihue Floral Studio will host the narration of this perfume, integrating it into the work “Place / Es” in a perspective of commingling and coexistence.

To Copihue, being at EDIT Napoli means being part of a common idea of contemporary aesthetics, capable of creating relational exchanges and triggering change.

See you from 7 to 9 June in Naples, in the Complex of San Domenico Maggiore.

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