FLOWERS OUT OF THE BOX is an installation created for the exhibition of contemporary art UNNATURE hosted in the Label201 gallery directed by Manuela Tognoli, in the cultural district of Portuense201.

UNNATURE was (from November 10th to December 7th) an exhibition created to recount the relationship between nature and artifice. An investigation into the fear and the sense of restlessness that nature can cause in the human unconscious.

FLOWERS OUT OF THE BOX is Copihue’s interpretation of this disquiet, the search for a suspended balance that is recreated after an explosion. Chaos never casual, never lost.

The mediation of art and design restores a role to the elements that are torn from their origins
relocates them in a new story, a new perspective, in a dimension of emotional expression that speaks to people about their escape routes, their opportunities to become something else.

Together with Copihue, Lucamaleonte & Paolo De Giusti for Superology, Marta Roberti and Millim Studio for Secondome exhibited their works.

FLOWERS OUT OF THE BOX can still be visited in the Label201 gallery, in the space of Portuense201 which also hosts Copihue Floral Studio laboratory.

Copihue opens its doors to new ideas, new encounters … and exciting new perspectives.

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